Our high school classes and events prepare your child to have an exceptional college experience.
High Schoolers are Smart.
They know meaningful learning when they experience it.
Our a la carte College Model allows students to design their educational experience.
If your highschooler wants
- Smaller classes
- A personalized approach    
- Actually meeting with your teacher and other students in virtual or in-person classes
- Feedback on writing assignments that focus on improvements, not grades
- Co-created assignments with integrated technology designed
- Expert teachers
- A focus on knowledge and skills needed for success in the 21st Century;
- Collaboration
- Critical Thinking
- Creativity
- Knowing & Speaking to Your Passions
- The ability to work with accredited Charter Schools to help guide learning

Expert Teachers at Huck!

Holly Van Houten earned her B.A. at UCLA and her M.A. at USC. She taught at USC for 10 years, while completing her Ph.D. coursework in English and American Literature.  Holly has taught at Pepperdine University, CSUN, and California State University, Long Beach, and has helped young scholars become confident writers for over 30 years.  She has successfully prepared students of all abilities for college-level writing.    

Holly provides a number of our classes at Huck.

High School Classes currently scheduled for the 2020-2021 year include

The Research Essay

American Literature

High School English

Media Literacy & Journalism

(Find and communicate your voice through words and images using Zines, News Articles & More!)

Chemistry with Labs

Biology with Labs





Modern Civilizations

How Geography determines the Rise & Fall of  Civilizations

Model United Nations Debate


Critical Learning for High Schoolers

(Career Exploration, Health, Finances)

Musical Theater Club

Creating with Clay



American Sign Language