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Carley Saber

BA European History


People are born with a hunger for knowledge and Carley believes that it is our charge as educators to feed this innate craving in order to grow our students’ appetite for information and intelligence. When teachers incorporate student lead curiosity, creativity, and immersive activities, students are more inclined to challenge themselves and explore deeper. In her new science courses, the kids will have opportunities to experience their world first hand through experiments, games, crafts, and good ol’ investigation. She has designed her classes to give the students the chance to exercise their creative thinking, critical thinking, and collaboration skills all while being engaged in exciting activities.

Anatomy: Body Systems & Senses

Ages 9-12

Anatomy: Body Systems & Senses

By learning the mechanics of how the body operates, we can grow a new appreciation for it and better understand how to take care of ourselves. In this course, the students will engage in numerous hands-on activities and games to solidify the information and create a more holistic learning experience. We will craft up a moving hand with exposed tendons to demonstrate how muscles only pull and do not push, we will race the clock to see if we can pump as much water as the heart does blood in one minute, construct a skeletal model, and so much more!