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Carley Saber

BA European History


People are born with a hunger for knowledge and Carley believes that it is our charge as educators to feed this innate craving in order to grow our students’ appetite for information and intelligence. When teachers incorporate student lead curiosity, creativity, and immersive activities, students are more inclined to challenge themselves and explore deeper. In her new science courses, the kids will have opportunities to experience their world first hand through experiments, games, crafts, and good ol’ investigation. She has designed her classes to give the students the chance to exercise their creative thinking, critical thinking, and collaboration skills all while being engaged in exciting activities.

Backyard Science!

Ages 9-12

Does your child ask you a million and one questions everytime you walk outside? “Why do squirrels even live in the city?” “Can this spider hurt me?” “Why is the grass so itchy?” Then this is the class for them! In this course, we will discover the immediate world around us, right here in SCV. We will dissect flowers to understand how they grow and function, create anatomical models of worms, try to build our own nests like birds do, participate in squirrel olympics, investigate real specimens under microscopes, and so much more! This class is designed to bring a new depth of knowledge and appreciation of the little wonders in our own backyard from a scientific perspective. Who knows, maybe next time you step outside, your child will be the one teaching your family about the vibrant world around us.

Our Backyard Science class for 9-12 year olds follows the same topics as our younger version, but the science components, activities and readings are more in depth.


Week 1: Local Trees & Leaves

Week 2: The Birds I See

Week 3: Creepy Crawlies: Worms, Spiders, Snails, Oh My!

Week 4: Pollinators

Week 5: Insects

Week 6: Decomposers

Week 7: Seeds & Flowers

Week 8: The Sky

Week 9: Pond Study

Week 10: Small Backyard Mammals

Week 11: Rocks & Mountains


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