Contingency Plan Options


As the COVID-19 virus becomes more widespread, your Huck teachers have each come up with a series of changes to help keep everyone at Huck healthy, and continue to provide educational experiences safely.  Please note that these are contingency plans, not our regular plans!   We hope to continue to have our on-site classes as much as possible in our Spring Session.   However, as our understanding of this virus deepens, we are all preparing to ensure that we can provide the high quality educational experiences you have come to expect at Huck.


Your teachers have looked at their syllabus and made a decision on how to manage their classes should Huck need to take our classes off site for any amount of time.   On our schedule you will see the following contingency plans:


1. Live Online.   Using ZOOM and other technology, your teacher has decided that they will continue their class at the same day and time.  Your child will be invited to a ZOOM meeting and have a live online experience.   They will be able to interact with the teacher and with the class, raise their hand to ask questions, have private conversations with the teacher, see the teacher's screen or whiteboard.    Teachers using Live Online options will also continue to use our Google Classrooms to provide any additional recommended experiences that you might want to explore with your child to further their educational experience.  Your Google classroom may also include links to lectures, videos, online games or other websites or book recommendations that relate to the class.


2.  Combination Live and PreRecorded Online.   In this plan, your teacher has decided that there will be a combination of some classes having a Live Online component and they will also provide a PreRecorded component.  Plan to attend these classes on the same day and time, but also have a pre-recorded component that may further the lesson, or provide support for students that have to miss a class for some reason.


3.  PreRecorded Online.   In this plan, your child can do all of their learning whenever it is convenient.   All lessons will be recorded and available to the student through our Google Classroom.   Any outside work, recommendations for additional learning opportunities will be listed on the Google Classroom. 


4.  Kit Provided.  In this plan, which may occur with both Live Online classes and PreRecorded Online classes, your teacher will be providing a kit of supplies that your child will need to do the activities planned for each class.


5.  Need Parent Participation.   In some of our classes, because of the Online component, your teacher would like some initial parent participation to ensure the child can log into the online classroom, learn how to raise their hand in an online classroom and feel comfortable in being heard and following the lesson.   Parent Participation will likely be reduced over time as our younger generations tend to learn online skills quite fast!


6.  Reduced presence at the Huck site.   Because so many of our classes will be removed from our sites, we are looking into the possibility of having some of our classes continue to meet at our site.   This will only be done for our younger classes where we can provide a room where the children can have a distance of 6 feet between themselves and the next student.   These classes will also have a Zoom component so that children that cannot attend the class can still participate in the class.