Consumer Math for Everyone!


Teacher:  Shelley Martin

Ages:  10-13

Cost:  $240 or $230 if taking 2 or more classes.   Price is for one quarter only

Mat Fees:  $30


Consumer Math is for everyone!  Here's math that everyone uses everyday.  From running a checkbook to a budget, this is math you can use.  The students will learn to use a spreadsheet and how to do basic budgeting and economic planning. They don't have to have attended the earlier quarter to do this quarter.


In this class we will cover:


Saving Money!, Why to save, how much to save, how to save.  Do you really want to retire and how much does that cost?


Credit. What is interest?  Why do you want or need to pay it?  What is a credit score?  How to get everything you want now and pay forever!   Interest rates, fees and other tricks of the trade


The cost of eating. Food budgets, eating out and a coffee at Starbucks.  Menu planning and adding on the tip at a restaurant how much is it all going to cost.


Car Ownership – how much do tires cost?????  And all the other hidden costs of having your own wheels.  


Passive Income vs Active Income;  More on Saving, investing and other ways of generating income


Financial Goal Setting, The cost of college, and more!