Consumer Math 

For Both New & Continuing Students


Teacher:  Stephanie Berry

Ages 12+

Cost:  $240 or $230 /trimester if taking 2 or more classes.   Can be split into 3 equal payments

Mat Fees:  $30


Fall:  InvestWrite Competition!  Plus Investing in Stocks, Bonds & Funds!

This trimester we will start off with The Stock Market Game, where each student team (or individual student) is given $100,000 to invest in a simulated real-time Stock Market!   We learn how to place trades, determine how diversifed our portfolio is, track our wins and losses in a Google Sheet, determine the P/E ratio and so much more!   When we track our wins and losses each week, we reinforce how to calculate these percentages as well as other earnings calculations.   We will also be comparing our stock market gains and losses with a comparative calculation of savings bonds, savings accounts and other generalized savings instruments.   This quarter we will also join the InvestWrite competition ( where students can compete nationally while writing about what they have learned about investing.   We'll take our learning further this quarter by delving deeper into mutual funds, indexed funds, sector funds as a way to diversify, and we'll develop deeper criteria for justifying our purchases.   We'll spend time developing pie charts of our investments, helping us practice our math skills and our google sheets skills at the same time.    Join us for a really fun way to understand our market system and hone our math skills at the same time!

Winter;  Continued Investing + Flip That House!

In the Winter quarter we will continue tracking our investments, but we will also learn about investing in the housing market; both for flipping and for buying and staying!   Students will research different markets across the country to see how the housing market varies widely, learn about down payments, PMI Insurance, insurance and housing upkeep.   Being a home owner isn't easy!  But home ownership remains one of the few ways to protect income and save for the future.   This quarter we'll play two different housing investment games; one will be to flip a house that is undervalued, and one will be to buy a house for long term investment purposes.   Either way, we'll learn a lot about buying a house!

Spring:  Continued Investing + Start Something That Matters!
In our Spring quarter we will continue investing in the stock market, but most of our time will be spent on reading and learning about starting something that matters.   We'll read excerpts from Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie, the man that started Tom's Shoes!    We'll learn about completely new business models that incorporate giving into the way a business is organized.    We'll read inspirational stories, and then create our own business - one that matters.   We'll track expenses & income, determine our giving strategy, market share for our product, whether we should go it alone or partner with existing companies and so much more!   Math will be incorporated into every decision we make, because when you're doing something that really matters, you want to get it right!    We'll use our HuckleBerry community to test out our business ideas and see what we can get started!