How do Jr. College Classes end up on my High School Transcript?



High schoolers have lots of options for classes, and your local Jr. College is a potential source of hard to find classes, or hard to teach classes!


Homeschoolers tend to use the Jr. College system in two basic ways, or a combination of these;

  1. To get General Education classes for a 4 year college/university done before going to college.  

    • Homeschoolers, and actually any high schooler, can concurrently enroll in high school and Jr. College, for FREE.    This means that high schoolers can graduate with a high school diploma AND an AA degree in the discipline of their choice, or get all or a portion of their university general education completed while in high school.   MANY homeschoolers do this, so this is not an unusual path to follow.  

    • This means that the student is a transfer student into the university, and will probably spend only 2 years at the school.   It is possible that this will represent a large cost savings.   I say possible because it's important to understand that the VAST amount of financial aid, whether through merit grants or financial aid grants (grants do NOT need to be repaid), are reserved for freshmen.   Please do yourself the favor of looking into the average grants that are offered by the schools you are considering, along with the criteria they use for the grant offers.

      • Remember that housing is not always guaranteed for transfer students.

      • Remember that if your student wants to do any study abroad, this will also reduce the amount of time they have at their university.    Check into how financial aid works with study abroad opportunities if this will be a consideration for you.