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Coding Is Fun!

Class name: Coding FUN!
Ages: 6-8

Teacher:  Tatev Vardanyan

Are you aware that coding involves more than just writing extensive lines of specific commands
that instruct the computer? Join our class where students engage in game-based activities to
grasp the fundamental concepts of coding. They will acquire skills in logical reasoning, abstract
thinking, and innovative problem-solving.

Fall: Let's engage in the exciting activity of crafting binary (0 and 1!) bracelets, where students will not only
explore the binary number system but also have fun creating secret messages. Following that,
we will delve into the concept of algorithms through interactive games that involve walking and
constructing algorithms. These games aim to foster collaboration, critical thinking, and problem-
solving abilities. Moving forward, we will delve into the realm of patterns and sequences by
incorporating engaging pattern games and art projects. Students will have the opportunity to
visualize and experiment with art and technology by crafting patterns using Sphero Mini.
Additionally, we will incorporate a series of coding games without the need for computers to
encourage students to think from diverse perspectives and consider various project scenarios.

Winter: We will also embark on the exciting task of building a Lego Maze, which will present
students with multiple challenges aimed at honing their ability to think from the perspective of
the maze character and strategically navigate their way to the exit using step-by-step
movements. Once we conquer level 1, we will progress to level 2, where we will introduce the
concept of "for loops" (for this long, do this!)  to enhance their coding skills. Continuing our exploration with Sphero Mini, students will engage in further experiments that blend art, technology, and problem-
Furthermore, we will initiate a captivating series of games called "Happy Maps" where students
will actively practice the art of writing precise instructions while translating them into the
provided symbols. This activity will strengthen their ability to accurately communicate and
execute instructions.

Spring: Our learning journey will progress as students delve into the concept of events and the
significance of distinguishing between events and actions through an engaging series of games
known as "The Big Event". This activity will foster their understanding of event-driven
Continuing on, we will emphasize the importance of cooperation and creative thinking with a
series of games where students will take on the role of programmers, directing their classmates
to navigate a large floor grid with caution. This exercise will enable them to think like computer
scientists, encouraging empathy and the ability to devise solutions that consider the needs of

Moreover, students will engage in a design-oriented task by creating a fictional smartphone app
that tackles a specific problem. This project will hone their creativity, critical thinking, and
problem-solving skills, while fostering an understanding of user-centric design principles.

Tatevik Vardanyan

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