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Meet The Team


Stephanie Berry

I love working with families!

Since 2007, I've been working with families to determine what education means to them, and how to achieve the type of education they want for their family.  Life is not one size fits all, and education shouldn't be that way either!

When we work together, our first job is to determine what the family and student want to achieve out of their education.  Some people think that the goal of education is to get a job.... Others want their child to have a broad exposure to many ideas and subjects so that the child can figure out what they love. Others want a solid liberal arts philosophy, or a classical approach. If we don't do the work to figure out what we want for our child, it's harder to figure out the journey.  We use our time together to get clarity on what we're trying to achieve. Then we design experiences to match the objective. Motivation comes next, but that becomes so much easier when the child is involved in the other conversations. In the end, our children will largely be the product of their experiences while they are in our care. Their internal narrative will develop in some part from their experiences.   Let's work together to ensure that their narrative, their toolbox, their experiences are all aligned with your family values.


Carmel Marchino

I am Carmell, Maverick Mama, globetrotter and veteran homeschooler.  My son has been homeschooled his whole life.  At the age of 4, we began global schooling by living in Latin America, and have continued to travel and immerse ourselves in other countries and cultures.  I design curricula based in emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, biohacking and stretching the possibilities of BEING- I believe that we can give our kids the tools to shift this planet. We can hold space for who they came here to be, preserve the revolutionary within.  As an education and homeschool consultant, I lead with empowering not only the student, but the parent, inspiring parents and kids how to hold space for their own inner revolutionary- to lead with integrity in a world that is hungry for change.  In addition to having the pleasure of teaching classes like Entrepreneurship and The Art of Speaking Impeccably at Huck, I also hold a certification as a National Geographic Educator. I look forward to supporting you upon your journey!

Educational Coaching


Educational Counseling

Sometimes we know that there is an issue, but we cannot put our finger on what it might be.  Perhaps we know that there is a problem like testing anxiety, a lack of enthusiasm for learning, fear associated with following a dream, getting into college or any of a number of different anxieties that students face.  Many families are looking for another voice in the conversation they're having at home, or maybe not having at home.  


In Educational Coaching, we work together to uncover roadblocks to learning, discover root causes of why a particular path is not leading to happiness or fulfillment.  The student is an active participant in coaching, and arrives at solutions based on their own discoveries made while we are together.  


In Education Counseling, we look at all of the different educational options that are available so that you can make the best choice for your family.   Sometimes a charter is best, sometimes doing things on your own is best.   We've not spending a lot of time discovering why something is or is not working.  Instead, we're going over the available options and the pros and cons of each option so that you can decide what will work best for you and your family.


We've been working with families for years helping them to figure out why things aren't working quite right and what they can do about it, how to adjust the way they spend their time and where they spend their time, how and why to make particular academic decisions, how much to push and how much to allow to develop on its own.   If you feel you would benefit from either service, make sure you understand all of the educational options, and if you still have questions, contact us here.


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We are now offering a free consult on hybrid high school! Click below to set up a free 30-minute session.

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