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Keenan Spencer

Keenan Spencer is a dedicated art teacher known for nurturing creativity and self-expression in both children and adults. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Keenan brings a wealth of experience to the classroom, with over a decade spent as a professional fine and digital artist. Keenan's mission is to kindle the artistic spark in every student, offering a warm and inclusive environment where the beauty of mediums like watercolors, acrylics, and oils can be explored. Keenan is here to guide young aspiring artists and help them discover their unique artistic potential.

With a background encompassing behavioral therapy, fine art, and a passion for teaching, Keenan is well-equipped to connect with students from all walks of life. Their primary focus centers on nurturing emotional and mental growth through art, driven by a commitment to providing an exceptional art education experience. Keenan will guide your child on a transformative artistic adventure, where self-expression, artistic exploration, and the creation of meaningful works of art are the primary objectives.


Clay & 3D Art!

Ages 6-9 & 9-12

Prerequisites:  Must be able to get dirty!

Clay Mastery I - Ages 6-9:

Introduce your child to the wonderful, moldable world of clay art! In this engaging class, students will have fun learning basic hand-building techniques with air-dry clay. They'll craft adorable animals, creative characters, functional pieces like bowls and magnets, and more. These hands-on projects encourage creative problem-solving while building fine motor skills. Get ready for incredible clay creations made by your child!

Clay Mastery 2 - Ages 9-12:

Mold, sculpt, and bring your creations to life through the magic of clay! In this class, students will learn hand-building and sculpting techniques to craft awesome polymer clay and air-dry clay projects. From whimsical creatures to functional objects to abstract sculptures, the possibilities are endless. Let your imagination take shape as you gain mastery over this incredibly versatile medium.


Keenan Spencer:

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