Classical Physics Academy




Teacher:  Jessica McDaniel

Ages:  8-11


Class Fees:

Spring:  10 weeks:   $283.00 or $273.00 if taking more than 1 class


Fall Trimester:   Jr. Automechanic Academy

This trimester we will explore physics through studying how cars work.  We will use Newton’s Laws of Motion to discover the world of automobiles.  We will experiment with car crashes and test dummies to learn about inertia.  We will experiment with acceleration and momentum with rocket powered cars.  We will learn about friction on car tires, engines, and motor oil.  After this class your child will be a whiz at physics without even realizing it as they become a junior expert in what makes your car go!


Winter Trimester: Jr. Engineer Academy

This winter trimester we will explore the world of physics through simple machines.  We will work with planes and wedges.  We will use a lever and see what it takes to lift a car, a whale, and a planet.  We will play with and make different types of levers and be able to label the effort, load, and fulcrum in any lever we encounter in daily life.  We will assemble our own wheel axel, our own pulley, and compound pulley.   After this class your child might be able to help you lighten your workload with their newly found expertise in engineering.


Spring Trimester: Jr. Electrician Academy

This trimester we will explore the world of physics through the world of electricity.  We will first discuss safety when dealing with the great power of electricity.  We will learn about static and make our own static detectors.  We will learn about currents, conductors, insulators, and batteries.  We will make our own electrical circuit, complete with batteries, bulbs, and switches.  We will create a force field and make our own electric motor.  After this class, your child will really be able to understand the power that makes our society function.