Chemical Matters!


Teacher:   Stephanie Durruty

Ages:  11-13


Class Fees:

Spring:  10 weeks:  $287 or $277 if taking 2 or more classes


In 'Chemistry for the Logic Stage' we will be using Elemental Science as the curriculum. Students will become familiar with the Scientific Method and learn Metric Measurement Units, core chemistry vocabulary, and concepts as we complete the hands on project/experiment related to the topic that is being explored.


In the 1st trimester the topics will be as follows: Elements and Atoms Periodic Table Metals Poor Metals and Semimetals Nonmetals States of Matter Properties of Matter Kinetic Theory and Gases Solid structures/Crystals.  Our hands-on projects/experiments will include How can we make ice cream using salt and ice? -Can we determine whether a substance (sugar, salt, baking soda, flour, petroleum jelly) is polar or non-polar? -Can we split water/H20 using electricity?



2nd trimester topics: Solutions, molecules and mixtures, chemical reactions, bonding, reactivity, catalyst, oxidation, acids and bases, measuring PH, neutralization of salts. Chemistry of Life- Organic Chemistry


3rd trimester topics: Chemistry of the Human Body, Chemistry of Food, Fermentation. Chemistry of Industry- Soaps and detergents, Polymers and Adhesives, Iron, steel and Alloys, Coal and Oil Products, Chemistry and Farming, Dyes, Pigments and Cosmetics, Fibers and Paper, Ceramics and Glass. 3rd trimester each student will do their own chemistry experiment and present in front of the class.