Need to drop or change a class?



If you would like to drop and/or add classes prior to the semester starting in September, please use the following steps:

* Log in to the registration process from the Huck website
* From the drop-down menu, click on "Drop Student Request"
* In the Subject, please type "Drop Class" 


* In the Message, please give details as to what you would like to do.
* If you are also adding a class to replace what you are dropping, after you send the drop request, please go back into the registration database and add the class or classes you would like

* Please remember that if you drop a class, you are still responsible for the material fee for that class, as the fees are going straight to the teachers for them to purchase their supplies.   If a new student enrolls after you have dropped, your material fees will be refunded.

We are hoping this procedure will minimize billing mistakes!
Once classes start in September, there also will be a "Drop/Add" form that you can alternatively fill out at the front desk.