Teacher:  Lori Rivas

Ages:  12+

Class Fees:  $235 or $215 if taking 2 or more classes

Mat Fees:  $25


Using Mark Kistler's book, Draw Squad, as a base, students will learn "zany, effective shortcuts to basic drawing skills," in easy to follow steps, including warm-up exercises, key drawing words, practice and optional contests.


Lessons will include cartoon-style: foreshadowing; surface; shading; shadow; density; contour; overlapping; size, and more.


Each class will begin with guided instructions, and then allow for ample independent drawing. Class will publish a collect of works at the end of the semester.


Additional instructional books will be available in class for students to expand exposure to cartooning styles: The Big Book of Cartooning, by Bruce Blitz, Everything You Wanted to Know About Cartooning but Were Afraid to Draw, by Christopher Hart, Face Off, by Harry Hamernik, and Cartoon Cool, by Christopher Hart.


Students should be able to follow instructions easily, be motivated to cartoon, and able to work independently.  Class is designed for middle and high schoolers.  Materials to be provided in class, including Xeroxed pages to practice lessons at home.    Suitable for all but the most advanced art students.


Instructor does not have education or background in the arts, but has used these books and techniques successfully with her own four children for 15 years.