Cartooning & The Graphic Novel!


Teacher:  Skylar Hogan
Ages 9-13

NO MATERIAL FEES.   Mat fees are not embedded in the Class Fees.

Class Fees:

Winter:  10 weeks:  $287 or $277 if taking 2 or more classes



Winter & Spring: Telling Story in a Cartoon and Comic Strip.   We will continue with Character creation but now we will bring in a focus on telling a Short Story via a cartoon strip.    As soon as we have developed our Story Telling skills enough, we will move into Advanced Story Telling: The Graphic Novel.


Fall: Developing your Cartoon Style;  You will first learn to draw some of your favorite characters, and develop your own cartoon style.  We will learn to stroyboard to develop a short cartoon, and then develop characters that reflect our basic story line.  You will build on a story and your own characters and create an eventual mini book of your story.    Each session we will add onto our skills and either expand our story or create a new one!