Both our Valencia and Simi Valley sites are on the same schedule!


Fall:  9/10 - 11/22 (11 weeks)

Winter:  1/7 - 3/13 (10 weeks)

Spring:  3/31 - 6/5 (10 weeks)



Huck Event Calendar!




At HuckleBerry, we know it's hard to focus on academics during the holidays in December.   So we've created a new schedule that we think will fit your families needs better.   10 week classes allow you to focus on your family during the holidays without feeling like you need to be studying.   That's not why we homeschool!   In January, everyone will start new classes, so there won't be huge breaks in between the learning.  Kids will also now be able to learn about more disciplines & have more experiences!   They can try theatre or art or anything that is new without committing to 16 weeks!  And don't worry about learning samples for December;  we've got you covered!


Our two week session in December will focus on the family, our own community and our global community.    We have much to be grateful for, and this allows us time to learn about new cultures, new stories & new ideas.   We'll sing, read, craft, build, explore & embrace this special time!


We also heard that your kids need a little more help with their homework, so our more academic classes are now going to be 2 hours long so homework can get started in class, collaboratively with their friends, and with the guidance of their teachers.  That makes it easier for them, and easier for you too!  


Got somewhere to go early in the mornings?   You can now drop your kids off at 9:00 (don't forget to sign them in!) where we will watch and they can run around, swing, climb and play with friends on our beautiful playground.