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Brain Science!

Keera Lindenberg holds a bachelor's degree in Biology & Environmental Science from Portland State University. 


Keera has been getting students excited about science for over a decade. After teaching Marine Biology on Catalina Island & Botany for the Portland Outdoor School, she started her own educational nonprofit in Portland OR, called Science Project. This "mobile museum" brought hands-on science programs to students in many different venues, including the Salvation Army summer camp, PNW Medical School, world-famous science museum OMSI, and others. 


Science Project eventually found a way to reach learners far and wide, through a weekly FM radio science-inquiry show called Everything is Interesting. For about 4 years, best buddies Keera and Kira (yes, really) dove into the how and why of surprisingly fascinating topics, like hive minds, sea monkeys, and lactose intolerance. You can find episodes or more information at 


Most recently, Keera served as the Educational Director for an analytical chemistry lab in Portland, OR. Through social media, written literature, and a uniquely designed hands-on laboratory tour, she presented the complex chemistry behind environmental testing and chemical analysis to the public in a digestible, always understandable, form. 


Keera is very excited to be back in the classroom, inspiring a new generation of students at Huckleberry to get enthusiastic about science!

Ages 6-9

Ages 9-11

Ages 11-14


Prerequisites:  This class will be taught at three levels of advancement for our different age groups.  All levels need to have the ability to write simple sentences, get dirty, make predictions and play!  Additional dexterity, reading & writing ability and patience and at-home research project time needed for more advanced levels of this class!

Get ready for an exciting journey through the fascinating world of Brain Science! Using the scientific method and hands-on experiments, we’ll learn about the most complex organ in the universe (literally!) the human brain. 


In this class we'll uncover the secrets of how the brain creates our feelings, thoughts and emotions. Through games, crafts and interactive lessons, we'll learn about how nerve cells talk to each other, how our brains process the 5 senses, how we build habits and make big decisions and of course, how we learn. We'll build a model of the nervous system, act out being brain cells in a game of Neuron Tag, and make our own optical illusions.  We'll test to see if playing video games can distract our brains from pain (cold water,) if peppermint candy can improve our memory, and which hemisphere of the brain is better for drawing and dancing. Join us on this adventure into the depths of human brain! 

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