Beginning Spanish for Older Kids (Newcomers Welcome!)


Teacher:  Ruth Chavez

Ages:   9-12 

Class Fees:   $215 or $195 if taking 2 or more classes

Mat Fees:   $25

Homework: One project to be completed at home and be presented in class on a Spanish speaking country, its flag, food and climate and interesting fact ( can be done in English or Spanish!)


This class is a beginning class for children desiring to learn fundamental Spanish skills and it is also a continuation of the winter class. Every student learns at their own pace, picking up where we left off or learn Spanish from the Beginning.


 In this class students will work on Spanish phonics for grades 4-6 .   We will sing songs from Cancionero Level B by Lada Josefa Kratky Big Book of Songs to help build a basic vocabulary.  


Every week students will engage in conversational opportunities with fellow class mates by practicing common Spanish phrases: such as “Hola como te llamas?”, “Cuantos anos tienes?” the articles “la, el, los, etc.” , the pronouns “ella, el, ellos, yo” we will have as a goal that students will be able to carry a brief conversation in Spanish.


They will engage in hands on activities and crafts that highlight the Phonetic letter, color or vocabulary word/ concept of the week. They will also explore cultural foods from the highlighted country of the week and play lots of games. 

Every week we will explore geographically and culturally one country that is Spanish speaking. We will learn its country's history, foods, flag and interesting facts every week, culminating in a student project where they will present a country to the class. Depending on language skill level the project can be completed English. It is meant to be informative and fun not stressful.