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BE An Enprepreneur!

Ages 9-12 years

Teacher:  Keenan Spencer


Homework:  Yes!  There will be some research and worksheets to do at home.


Prerequisites:  Ability to add and subtract multiple numbers, learn to apply percentages to a number, calculate change and differences!  Ability to do home-research on charities, prices and more!


Today's youth needs to understand more than the go-to-college-and-get-a-job game. 


Take your entrepreneurial and leadership abilities to a new level! This class builds upon foundational business skills as students work together to develop and pitch an actual product or service idea. They'll learn about

- market research where kids will identify problems and opportunities

- collaborate with a team to develop a solution to a problem that is affordable

- build a business based on customer need.  Will your produce or service be a one-time offering or a subscription model, will it come in a box or will customers be able to customize their experience?  How will initial investments be paid back?  Will investors get a percentage of the business profit, or will you give them interest for their "loan"?

- Pitch your idea to the class!   We'll look for ways to help you improve your ideas, or other things that you might want to think about.   Pitching an idea means the team will get together to learn how to make sure they can communicate an idea with enough information to interest people, but not too much information!  Pitches can be done using slides, posters or even demonstrations.  Pitches need to be approved before students move on to product or service creation.

- budgeting and fundraising for initial capital!  What will it take to build this business?  Students will be given $20 as an initial budget that must be spent on business supplies.  They can build a big team and have more initial capital, but they will also have to split the profit in many ways!  Which way will they want to go?

- marketing!  Marketing is more than a poster.  Marketing is helping people to see what problem is being solved, and how they will benefit from our new solution!

- product creation! 

- managing cash.  Once we have our first sale, we'll need to be tracking money!  We start this tracking early on with our expenses, making sure that we track ALL expenses!  Teams will need to decide if they want to track hours spent on making product as well to determine how profits are split.

- assigning different jobs to the team players.  What fun to determine who is best at each job!  We get our best results when we're doing what we love!

This class will have a day where they test out their products at HuckleBerry,  and will also be hosting an Entrepreneur Day at Huck!


Through real-world scenarios and challenges, students cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset along with skills like negotiation, critical thinking, and resilience. Get ready to be tomorrow's innovators and trailblazers!

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