Art Projects for Little Ones



Teacher:  Casandra Carrettini

Ages:   6-9


Class Fees:

Winter:  10 weeks:  $285 or $275 if taking 2 or more classes

Spring:  10 weeks:  $285 or $275 if taking 2 or more classes



This session we will create a wordless illustration book!

First, students will do an exercise of facial expressions to learn how to tell a story through images.

 Then, students will start to brain-storm ideas and create a story board to plan the story of their book.

We will look at books like “The Lion and the Mouse” (by Jerry Pinkey) for inspiration on how to tell a story without words, and also “Olivia” for the ascetic of simple but captivating imagery.

 Students will spend the following weeks creating their stories, and the last day of class they will sew it together with the beautiful cover that they created!


Join us in this art adventure!!




This session theme is Fantasy and Mythological creatures around the world! We will explore how people throughout history have come up with fantasy creatures and legends to pass lessons, knowledge and experiences to future generations. First we will travel to Europe, where we will learn about ocean mythical creatures. Students will make art work about mermaid and giant squads originally form eastern European territories. Then we will go to Asia, to lean about very respected creatures like dragons from China and Kumiho ( fox of nine tales ) from Korea. Students will use color pencil to make creative art work about these creatures! From the past to the future, students will learn about a modern way of imagining creatures by drawing their favorite poke-mons! Then for the last project, students will create their own mythical and fantasy creatures by combining different animals part! Join us in this fantastical art adventure!!!



Fall: This session’s theme is: Landscapes around the world– Flora and Fauna. We will explore unique landscape formations around the world, while learning about the plants and animals that live in it. Our first stop is in China. Students will learn how to paint bamboo trees with black ink and special Brushes. Then, inspired by the amazing artist Hokusai, students will paint a Mountain landscape. Then, we will learn about the Arizona Desert, and the creatures that live in it. Students will make an art piece of the Grand Canyon, which it will include animals like scorpions, goats, snakes and more. Next, we will go from dry weather to constant rain by exploring the magical rain forest in Brazil. Students will make a variety of animal craft to learn about the wild life like a Monkey paper plate and colorful paper toucan. Then students will choose their favorite animals to add to their Rain forest Collage Landscape.   Join us in this art adventure!