Art for Older Artists!



Teacher:   Casandra Carrettini

Ages:   9+

Class Fees:  $240 or $230 if taking 2 or more classes

Mat Fees: $30



To be prepared to create our final project – a self-portrait inspired by the life and times of Frida Kahlo -  we will participate in many diverse and fun activities! To begin, we will make a sunflower color wheel to introduce the range of colors available to us!  Students will learn about shades and values and determine the complexity of their color wheels.

To learn about complementary colors we will participate in an activity using an object and two complementary colors. The object will be colored with various shades of the two colors.

We will discuss how colors can spark emotions inside of us. We will make a drawing design associated with an emotion. Then we will create colored abstract papers made with watercolor paper and watercolors. After we will cut it into shapes and glue it onto our designs to express our emotions though art.

As we are learning about colors and art, we will also learn about Frida Kahlo; her life, her art, and her special self-portraits.

Finally, we will learn different ways of drawing eyes, ears, mouth and nose, that express various emotions. We will learn about basic proportions and structures of the face. This will help us to be ready to create our self portrait. Later on, we will explore to find an object that symbolizes ourselves. We will use this object in our self-portrait as Frida did with flowers and her eyebrows, and finalize the Frida Kahlo inspired self-portrait.

Come and join the fun as we learn all about art, Frida and ourselves!