Ancient Civilizations!



Valencia:  Jennie Andrews

Simi Valley:   Ellen Hillman

Ages:  11-14

Class Fees:  $240 or $230 per trimester if taking 2 or more classes.   Can be split into 3 equal payments

Materials Fees: $35



This year-long project-based class will expand your child’s understanding of history by studying the people and events that ushered in the dawn of the major Western and non-Western ancient civiliza­tions. Geography is of special significance in the development of the human story. Continued emphasis is placed on the everyday lives, problems, and accomplishments of people, their role in developing social, economic, and political structures, as well as in establishing and spreading ideas that helped transform the world forever. Students develop higher levels of critical thinking by considering why civilizations developed where and when they did, why they became dominant, and why they declined. Stu­dents analyze the interactions among the various cultures, emphasizing their enduring contributions and the link, despite time, between the contemporary and ancient worlds.  Projects for the Fall class will include creating an interactive notebook, making a cuneiform tablet, going on a geography scavenger hunt, making a Grecian urn, discovering th emummification process, Egyptian burial rituals, Egyptian escape room and more!



Take a trip through history and discover cultures at another era of time with hands-on projects and activities that drive the lessons home in a fun way! Students will witness exciting events and meet interesting people of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Topics include: The Archaic Period, Greek Government, Athens and Sparta, Everyday Life, Farming, Business, Transportation, Education, Literature, Science, Medicine & Disease, The Arts, Philosophy, Religion (Myths and Heroes), Warfare, The Golden Age, Alexander the Great, The Hellenistic Age, Archaeology, kings and legends of early Rome, the Roman Republic, the rise and fall of an Empire and much more! Students will create artwork from these ancient times including a Greek "vase", make a roman road and aqueduct, and even cook some Greek food! Don’t miss out on this adventure!

Winter: Israel, China and India

Join me as we continue our project-based adventure through Ancient Civilizations!  This session will focus on the Ancient Civilizations of Rome, Israel and India. We will investigate the origins and development of these societies with emphasis  placed on the G.R.A.P.E.S. The GRAPES is an acronym for; geography, religion, achievements, political system, economics and social structure. This course stresses special significance of geography in the development of human story and provides the opportunity to study the every day lives of people living in vastly different areas of the world. The course content focuses on the people in ancient societies: their problems, accomplishments, the tools and technology developed and the direct and indirect contributions to issues in our society today.  Projects include an archaeological adventure through Ancient Israel via an escape room style experience; the beautiful Ancient India art of Henna; and building an Ancient Roman Aqueduct.  This is a class you won’t want to miss!