teacher:  Angela White

Ages:   9-12

Class Fees:   $240 or $230/trimester if taking 2 or more classes.   Can be split into 3 equal payments.

Mat Fees:   $25


Fall – Our Nervous System

How does your heart beat and your lungs rise and fall even while you sleep? How are you able to think and speak? We will learn answers to these questions and more by studying the Human Anatomy!  Come join Ms. Angela as we study the beautiful art of the human body and all about it's miraculous abilities. In the fall we will focus on the 5 senses and the brain - The Nervous System. In the classroom we will have lesson discussions, and then enjoy activities that show us our reaction time and test the power of our senses. We will also identify the parts of our brain and learn how all the parts work together by building a colorful clay model! We will play outdoor games (weather permitting) that enrich the understanding of the nervous system! We'll build models of the human eye, take an eye exam, and do eye tests to understand how the eye really works!    To learn about our sense of smell we'll be making smelling bottles and playing match that sense.   For taste we'll make sure we understand how the tongue works with different flavors!   It's all about NeuroScience though - it's the connection between our brain and our different senses that holds it all together and helps us to experience the world the way to do!   It’s going to be SO FUN! I can’t wait! See you in class!!


Winter; Our Digestive System!
Spring: Muscles & Digestive System!