Adventures in Science!


Teacher:  Jessica Boen

Ages:  9-12

Materials fee: $30 per session

Class Fee:

Fall:       11 weeks:  $260 or $250 if taking 2 or more classes

Winter:  10 weeks:  $245 or $235 if taking 2 or more classes

Spring:  10 weeks:  $245 or $235 if taking 2 or more classes


Homework:  None


Come join teacher, Jessica Boen, as she takes students along an adventure!  Students will discover how to use science to help thwart bad guys, survive the elements, or navigate their way as the story unfolds.  This is a very hands-on course where students will create models, engage in games, and/or create STEAM challenges. 


Fall: Through our adventure, we will learn about seed dispersal as we discover how a tree that was previously thought to only grow in Hawaii was found half way around the world.  Our boat will crash on a deserted island, and we will learn about properties of material as we protect our bodies using only items found in our sack lunches.  We will need to hone our engineering skills as we design shelter, find a way to send a message home, and of course locate drinking water, build a well, and filter water to drink.  While doing this, the threat of animal attacks is eminent.  Do we create catapults, do we use our knowledge of body mechanics to decide if we can out run the beasts?  We will use what we have learned about buoyancy and engineering to create a boat, and then navigate home by using the stars. 


Winter: Winter brings a new adventure where we will travel the world. OH NO! Somehow, we went back in time!   We have the opportunity to help ancient cultures design and create some of their well-known inventions.  If you were placed in Rome and needed to create an aqueduct system, how would you do it?  We will learn as we create a floating garden from the Aztec Empire, then we will explore the underground mazes in Paris.  We have to decide the best way to protect our homes from monsoons in India, and help design the Great Wall in China.  We will make chariots in Greece, igloos in the Arctic, mummies in Egypt, and warm blankets in Russia. 


Spring:  Our last adventure begins as we are on our way to camp.  Of course, we will learn about melting point as we decide what candies to bring to camp with us.  A nefarious plan is underway- we are magically transported to an enchanted kingdom!  We have to build houses to protect the Three Little Pigs from the Big Bad Blow-dryer, create a bridge in London that will not fall down, and help Jack grow a healthy and strong beanstalk so he can go see the giant again.  We will create a shoe out of unlikely materials to help Cinderella’s sisters trick the prince. The dragons will help us design wings and explain aerodynamics.  The Pied Piper will teach us all about sound and vibration.  Red Riding Hood will teach us the science behind ziplining.  We will then discover how the river was formed where the Three Billy Goats Gruff live.  Finally, we will buy supplies from the troll to create a boat to return safely home from our adventures.



About Jessica:

Jessica is a credentialed teacher in both California and Arizona, with over 10 years of experience, and is now homeschooling her two children who attend classes at both Huck locations!  She taught first grade and third grade in the classroom and homeschooled second, third, and sixth grade. Jessica created a STEAM program for a company in China, and she then traveled to Shanghai, China to teach children the program while training Chinese teachers how to teach STEAM.  She also created and taught an after-school science club, the most attended after-school program in the school's history.   She loves to help children realize that science can be fun!