Missing Adventure Play at HUCK?


Here's a NEW OPPORTUNITY to have Jeremiah be your guide!


Finding Adventure Wherever You Play

Thursdays, class time 11:15am-12:45pm

Tuesday, online “office hours” for parents (optional) 11am-1pm

Teacher: Jeremiah Dockray

Ages: 5-12

Cost: $20/week


During these historic times, it is important to help give children outlets and encouragement to play! It’s a stress reliever, skill builder, and idea incubator all in one. This class will serve several functions for students to:

  • Connect with other kids

  • Play games and find playfulness in your own personal space

  • Observe and re-contextualize their environment

  • Inspire each other by sharing stories of their own adventures


Each class will have check-in time, game time, and assignments they can do throughout the week to share with each other when they meet next. Jeremiah will be using playwork philosophy to build connections with the students and encourage them toward play that is freely chosen, personally directed, and intrinsically motivated.

In addition, Jeremiah will have online “office hours” every week to talk with parents about ways they are able to provide playful opportunities at home, have moral support, and maybe even have a little play themselves!