Advanced Math Concepts


Teacher:   Stephanie Berry
Ages 11-14

Class Fees:

Spring:  10 weeks:  $266 or $256 if taking 2 or more classes

This is a year long course

Homework:   YES.   Homework assignments will vary from 20 - 90 minutes / week

Homework will be given out in class.   Students will have from 4-8 pages of math homework to do at home.


In this projects, games and activities based math class, we will master concepts that students need to be solid on before taking pre-algebra!  The very most important skills are those including advanced fraction work and negative integer operations, and so we will have  strong focus there on our first quarter together.   Negative integer work becomes more fun when we measure sea levels, population levels, budgets and temperatures.   Our projects in the Fall will help us manipulate positive and negative integers so that we don't have to stop and think about this skill, as well as setting us up for success with all types of fraction work.  Our Winter quarter will include a move into proportions and rations (more fraction work!), and multi-step work.   Students frequently ask "Will I EVER have to do this in the real world????"   The answer is maybe....   But what they will need to do is have the ability to break down complicated problems and be able to figure out multi-step work.  The tools we explore in this quarter help build those skills.   We finish off the year in the Spring with super fun projects involving basic and advanced geometry skills; from designing golf courses to designing homes, we'll get lots of practice with the tools and formulas of geometry.   Come join us for a year of math games and projects designed to advance our math skills!

Fall:  Negative Integer & exponents operations, advanced fractions (GCF/LCM)

Winter:  Continued work on fraction/decimal/percent conversation, Advanced Proportions, Linear expressions, multi-step inequalities

Spring:  Basic geometry, area, perimeter, distance, rate