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Everest Turner

BS Nutritional Sciences

MS Biomedical Science

Everest Turner is a South Florida native and Southern California implant. After earning her Bachelor's degree in Nutritional and Natural Sciences and Master's degree in Biomedical Science she has committed herself fully to educating the future and building up the next generation of scientific world changers. Today, Everest can be found laying the foundation of knowledge through teaching both K-12 and post-secondary education as well as tutoring all while applying to the Medical Doctorate Program to become a family medicine physician to assist both children and adults with becoming healthier and more wholesome. 

Math Games & Projects 4/5

Ages 9-10 and others that are operating at this math level

​This is a games and projects based math class geared around mastering 4th and 5th grade standards including multiplication, division, fractions, percents, measurement and more!   We will start each day by learning and exploring a new math topic, or one that we need a bit more practice with.   We'll do both individual and group board work with fun games and races, and then we'll move into our games and/or projects for the day!

Prerequisites:  Should know how to do simple multiplication, multi-digit addition/subtraction.  It is not necessary to have all multiplication facts memorized for this class.



We will dive deep into multiplication and division during the fall session. The projects and games in this session will be both group and individual. Each student will learn the importance of multiplication and division by first playing games to solidify the skills, and then applying concepts to a real world application. We will also work on different types of word problems to help students understand how to create equations. Students will work on a longer term project using their skills to design an amusement park! In small groups (2-3 students), they will create budgets (addition/subtraction/percentages), pricing strategies (multiplication and division), build an outdoor space and enclose it in fencing (geometry), and more! This concepts class will give each student the skills they need to further their understanding in both multiplication and division. At the end of the sessioni we will do an “in the kitchen” multiplication math project. We will also be lightly touching on fractions to get ready for the winter session.



Fraction Focus! This is a games and project based math concepts class geared around 4th and 5th grade standards. We will be working on fractions and what they mean during this winter session, where most classes will start with some board work to ensure we all understand the concept of the day (adding/subtracting, reducing, LCM, GCF) before we head into our games and projects.  We will play multiple games with fractions like putting them in order from smallest to greatest, fraction puzzlers and escape rooms where kids work together to solve fraction problems to race through and escape the game!  The projects in this session will be building your fraction body, recipe and food based projects, and understanding fractions/vocabulary by using manipulatives. The students will be adding, subtracting, and multiplying simple fractions. This class will include some group work, but the two main projects will be done individually with a small presentation aspect at the end of the session. This concepts class will give each student a better understanding of fractions and how they are used in the world around them by providing a fun hands-on academic experience.



Geometry and Measurement Focus! Using our same approach, this class will start with board work where we learn a new skill.  We’ll be using a lot of measuring tools this session and using the fraction and multiplication skills we’ve already honed to master our projects!  Some of our projects will include a room / home expansion project using multiplication and measurement, an area and perimeter obstacle course and a water color geometric art project!

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