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Teacher:  Nadene King

Ages:   ability based

Type of Class:   You can use this class as your ONLY PreAlgebra class as this curriculum covers all of the standards.  However, to do this effectively students must be willing to read the (PDF) book at home and do all of the homework assigned in this class.  Homework is assigned in every class and covers a mimium of 2 units.  Grades are tracked in the Google Classroom and parents are invited into this classroom prior to the class starting so that they can always see what is being taught and the grades that students are earning.

All homework pages will be provided in this class.  

Students that miss class can print out their homework from the Google Classroom.


Homework: Required.  Students should do math every day for at least 20 minutes!    Students will be given a minimum of 2 units of learning to do each week.  Students that are struggling with concepts can request extra tutoring directly with the teacher.

This is a standards based year-long class which will cover all PreAlgebra I concepts.  Many of the concepts in PreAlgebra I may have already been learned in previous math classes, but we will start with a review to make sure everyone remembers the basics!   Students can use this class as their sole curriculum for PreAlgebra or this can be used as a supplement to an at-home PreAlgebra curriculum.


Quizzes will be given at the end of each unit.


This is a "flipped" class.   Students should read the chapter prior to the class, so that during our class time we can delve more deeply into each concept, practice it though board work, games and activities.


Topics to be covered are:


Exponents, Scientific Notation, Dilations, Rotations, Reflections, Translations and multi-transformations


Functions, Graphing Functions, Increasing / Decreasing Functions, Min/Max, Piecewise, Linear Functions, Graphing Linear Functions, Combining Like Terms, Distributive Property, Moving Variables around the equal sign, Solving exponent equations.


Systems of equations (elimination and substitution), Irrationals, Decimal/Fraction Conversions, Estimating, Pythagorian, Distance between points, Volume, Solving for missing dimensions,

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