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Lena Ketenjian


Lena was doodling and observing nature from a very young age. Her family encouraged her to pursue a career in art. While in school, she worked for an educational book publishing company. She later was the art director for a small corporation that created custom commemorative items for NASA, Disney, the Dodgers, and more. ...

Later, she worked for Lamps Plus in the design department where trends were studied for fresh projects. Lighting items for example chandeliers, floor lamps, and decorative accessories were designed. She collaborated with artisans such as carvers and mold makers, and also worked together with the in-house rod iron shop, woodshop, and paint department to name a few. Ideas went from the drawing board to world market showrooms. Lena also had the opportunity to oversee photoshoots for catalogs. She left the job field to raise her 3 children while volunteering her time when creative opportunities arose. Currently, she is a freelance artist, focusing on portrait painting. She believes that there is a creative person in each of us that wants to be expressed. Her hope is to generate an appreciation of the arts and to inspire students to be creative regardless of the future path they choose.

Drawing I - Fundamentals in Drawing

Ages 6-9

Offered in Person by Lena Ketenjian, Valencia Campus


In the Drawing class, students will explore the fundamentals of drawing and sketching while observing a variety of subjects and styles. The use of numerous drawing tools will be introduced including graphite pencils, charcoal, pen and ink, markers, and colored pencils. This class aims to inspire young artists in improving a variety of art skills as well as in drawing. Elements and principles of art will be discussed for instance line, value, shading, proportion, perspective, design, and balance. Students will practice using simple geometric shapes to start a drawing. Through exercises, they will learn how to apply these techniques. Art students will sketch from still life and learn from observing the art of amazing artists. They will explore drawing human features, cartoon characters, animals, structures, landscapes and more. The class will also dive into subjects which the students are interested in. Repeat students who have taken this class before will work on a few projects of their choice. Otherwise, they can do what the class is doing as subjects and projects will be fresh and new.


Art Materials will be provided in the classroom

No homework assigned but drawing sketches throughout the week is encouraged/10 students or less in each class


Lena Ketenjian

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