Drawing from the Imagination

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Ages 6-9

Drawing is often our first medium of creative expression.
If we’re not trying to render “realistically,” there is no right
or wrong way to draw. It’s a fun activity that can lead to
unexpected and delightful results. In this class we will
draw from imagination with a range of materials, from crayon
and pencil to markers and ball point pens on paper. Features
of the human face will be our starting point.

Stuart Frolick earned a B.A. degree in Philosophy at Ithaca College where he had his first experience teaching as a T.A. He taught philosophy at the Community School of Herricks High School and taught Illustration at ArtCenter College of Design, where he was vice president–creative director. At California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) Frolick was director–editorial services (2005-2020.)
Throughout his career Frolick has also maintained a studio art practice in photography, collage, and gestural drawing. His visual work has appeared in Idea magazine, American Illustration, and Black & White and Color magazine. His written profiles of other creative professionals were published in Graphis and Black & White magazine for which he is a contributing editor. Frolick is the father of three children, all of whom created sketchbooks and photographs with him when they were young.

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Stuart Frolick