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Welcome to HuckleBerry

Since 2007, HuckleBerry has been helping hybrid and homeschool families create customized educations for their students.  We work hard to partner with our families to provide educational experiences that help all of our students discover or expand a joy of learning and meet their educational goals.

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Give Them The Education They Deserve

Children coloring



At HuckleBerry you can completely customize your child's classes and schooling schedule to meet the needs of your child and family.


Small Engaging Classes

All of our classes are small, so our expert teachers can give individual attention to your student, helping them stay on track and engaged.


Students Who Love Learning

Our kids love our classes! 

No more battles over schoolwork and no more disengaged students.  Our subject expert teachers and engaging curriculum give your kids a positive relationship with learning.

Outdoor Class

From Huck Families

I was able to eavesdrop on your class a few times earlier and I found it to be a glimpse of how education should actually be in America:
Students were engaged, active debate and discussion, and appropriate feedback.
-G.G.  Huck Parent & History Instructor

Art Class


Since 2007, HuckleBerry Center for Creative Learning has been providing an environment that encourages children to discover their strengths and become engaged & responsive to the challenges of the 21st century.  

HuckleBerry is not a school.   We're your partner in education.

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Welcome to Huck

Welcome to Huck

Education is what remains after you have forgotten what you  learned in school

Albert Einstein

In person classes will be held at our beautiful location in Valencia


Please note that we do not have any religious affiliations at HuckleBerry

We welcome all children, all families at HuckleBerry

We are proud to be educational vendors for the following local charter schools;

Blue Ridge, Excel, Elite, Golden Valley, Gorman Learning Center, Heartland, iLead Hybrid, iLead Lancaster, iLead SCVi, iLead Agua Dulce, iLead Antelope Valley, Sage Oak, SCVi, Sky Mountain.

Pleaes let us know if you would like us to become a vendor for another charter school!

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